# 99 Over Lunch coming to a computer near you…

When I first got to Germany my very American way of thinking about filmmaking and the business made everyone around me cringe. I was sure that anything is possible and that together we’ll go far and your success is my success and that perseverance is the only road to take. Well they looked at me, and us, like we were crazy.

‘It’s not how we do things’ I heard many times. The system in Germany was clearly much more complicated and archaic than I had imagined and people were not exactly looking to hold hands and jump off a cliff together. We changed our tactic. We dug deeper and after getting punched around a lot, we finally met amazing people along the way who did believe in what we were trying to accomplish and joined our brave army of ‘let’s make entertaining moving image products’ (I’m deeply grateful to each and every single one of them). So we made Over Lunch with the idea of turning it into a web series someday. After all it’s a show about the steps to finding yourself and god knows we’ve all been lost at some point or another in our lives and would’ve killed for a life manual to help us through it. Except the idea of a web series made most people in the business cringe… again.

After getting the ‘one eyebrow raised’ face for so long, not only did I start wondering what was wrong with my symmetrical eyebrows, we started questioning the road we wanted to take. It’s inevitable. So we sat and pondered, and pondered, and pondered…



A year later: Here I am sitting in a classroom with Jane Espenson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time) and Brad Bell (Husbands) and listening to their “how we got Husbands made” story and   I couldn’t help but bop my head up and down the entire time. Their story was our story. The only difference was that they released it online, on YouTube as planned, no doubts about it and we didn’t. That made me smile. That’s where Over Lunch needs to be too. Online as we initially intended to release it. Why it took us so long, I’m not sure, but I’m happy to discover that our crazy intuition was right and, better yet, we weren’t the only ones.  Apparently Hollywood also has a ‘it’s not how we do things around here’ attitude. Phew… it’s not just us, it’s them too. So many parallels to draw from, really made my day and helped put an end to our perpetual pondering. It’s decided. Over Lunch will be released online as soon as we hit 1000 LIKES on our Facebook Page.

If you like Over Lunch and want to know how the story continues, let us know. We’ll happily get the ball rolling for the next two steps in the 3-Easy-Guide to Finding Yourself saga. If not, thanks for watching the 1st step. We appreciate your time and your laughter.

So lesson learned. The next time anyone gives you the ‘one eyebrow raised’ look and makes you start doubting yourself, you just point at your symmetrical eyebrows and… well, just point at them, long and hard. If nothing else, at least you’ll get two inquisitive eyebrows to raise and with it a smile… because it’s simply impossible to raise both eyebrows and frown. 🙂


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