#100 Pitching… who likes it?

No seriously… who likes to get up in front of peers (your worst critics) and potential investors (the money-making crowd) and make them so excited about your story in 5 minutes that they can’t get enough of it? Well, we’ve been coming up with at least one pitch every class which means every 3 days for the past month. You can’t be good every time and it’s great to come up with pitches on the spot, but it’s also exhausting. It’s great practice all around. For the moral and for writing. It does get easier as you go along and you will fail more than you will arouse anyone’s interest, but that’s real life.

Good pitches take a bit of work. You may remember my post a year ago about my nightmare but successful first pitch in German.  All the rules apply plus a few more tips to help you along the way.

1) If you wanna pitch a hospital show and can’t come up with anything, take your favorite series and put it in a hospital setting and give it a great title.

  Example: Alley Mcbeal –> Scrubs / Sex and the City –> Grey’s Anatomy /       House –> Sherlock Holmes. (ops, I did mean Sherlock Holmes–> House).

2) A cop show needs a new spin on it, so think of your favorite cop show and give it something you would do differently.

   Ex: 24 –> told in real-time

3) And to make your pitch a bit sexier, start with a question to engage your audience.

Now I’m wondering if there is anyone out there who absolutely loves pitching.

Please raise your hand, so we can all be jealous. 


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