#102 there are no accidents…

A professor once said: “One must stop blaming, complaining and self-pitying to a happier life”.

Well, the quote is not verbatim and it was in the context of the film-business but all the key words he uttered are in that sentence and it’s applicable in most areas of life, especially if you are a visionary or creator of any kind.

Yesterday, Little Oscar and I were in an accident. I was stressed and Oski was distracted by a female dog and as he pulled on the leash while I was on my bike, I turned to him and missed the pole that was standing right in front of us. If it had been a Jim Carrey movie, it would’ve been hilarious… the blow was painful though. The bike was on me as Oski limped over and stared at the mess his owner got them both in with his confused yet happy eyes, waiting for me to get up and be a leader again. We rushed to get proper care. No broken bones, just bruises and scratches on me and Oski broke a nail. Actually a bigger deal for a dog than a human. We are fine. Little Oscar is his extremely energetic self again.  Accidents happen.

Except I took it as a sign. I had been mopping around for the past few days. I found myself blaming the system, complaining about chores and was entering what probably would’ve been the self-pitying phase when I hit the pole.

It was like a slap in the face. A wake up and look around call. Why is it that we always seem to wait for tragedies in life before we are thankful for it? So, though this would by no means constitute as a tragedy, I did get my ass kicked and quickly started thinking of ways to be positive. Gratefulness! That’s a way. I mean if Gandhi and the Dalai Lama and a bunch of self-help books and most religions talk about being grateful, there must be a reason for it.

So I closed my eyes took a deep breath and started… I’m grateful for my husband, who always looks out for me, if it weren’t for him I would’ve broken down yesterday, and Oski, who no matter what will love his leaders. I’m grateful for my mom, for just about everything and for my father, for urging me for as long as I can remember to write. I’m grateful for my brother for challenging me, I’m grateful for my mother-in-law and her husband for always being there for us, I’m grateful for my running partner who gets me out of bed no matter how dark or how cold it is outside for a morning run, I’m grateful for my neighbor and her dog who accompany us on park walks every week, I’m grateful for old friends and new friends who are part of who I am and helped shape me as a person, I’m grateful for my best friend recording her toddlers saying good morning to me and sending it over whatsapp, an ocean away, for no reason except to make me smile, I’m grateful for my MI6 gang, they make living in Munich worth it, I’m grateful for meeting and working with so many kind and talented people in the entertainment business, I’m grateful I forgot to post my blog on Monday so I could be grateful in writing, I’m grateful for the wonderful couple who own the Cafe 5 minutes away for now selling Chai-Latte…

… the list kept going and going and going, like the Duracell Bunny, but I won’t bore you with my sappiness so we’ll stop there. When I finally opened my eyes again, I smiled and felt better. Like magic.

Today I woke up optimistic. If you find yourself doing any of the negatives stated in the first sentence of this blog entry, stop, take a deep breath and think of all the things or people you are grateful for… it won’t change the system, nor the fact that chores need to be done, nor the unfairness that brushes our lives every now and then, but it will change your attitude, your outlook, how you approach challenges and problem, it will bring a smile to your face… or, if nothing else, it might just prevent you from dumb accidents like the one I had yesterday. Either way, you benefit. 🙂


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