#103 when you forget what day it is…

We left the winter on the 14th and arrived in the summer on the 15th and I’ve sort of allowed myself to turn on airplane mode and never turn it back off. Why? Possibly or simply because I needed a break from my routine. Discipline requires routine but sometimes the mind needs to shake it up a bit to come up with new ideas and thoughts. Routine is key but it is also somehow the death of connecting to neurons that would’ve never connected before. I’ve been absent from my Monday Blog Series for two straight Mondays and didn’t even notice it until today. Airplane mode is now off. I look out the window and see beach, mountains, city life mixed in. I look at my computer and think… Tomorrow. In Munich I can’t get away from my computer and here I can’t seem to get to it. We’re in Rio. Beautiful Rio. A cleaner and very expensive Rio, but it’s still the Rio I once was completely obsessed with. So much that my accent in Portuguese would change the minute I landed. It still does, for economical reasons. If they think you’re from here than you get the local price. The minute they know you aren’t from here they hike it up. So I make sure to take advantage of my chameleon personality (that’s how my parents insist in describing me) and fit in to pay fair and not like a tourist… Which we are… But nobody needs to know. I’ll be back on Monday as usual. After all, it’ll be the last Monday of 2013: Resolution time!

(And I’ve got plenty!)


Sunset in Rio – JLD © 2013