#105 This year’s calendar… sketches from my life

“Alles kommt extrem spät dieses Jahr” lamented a fellow German Pilates colleague today. “Easter is late April, Pentecost is like the middle of June. I really don’t like tardiness…” he continued, head down, completely depressed by this year’s calendar reality. Well that’s good news for us, I thought, as I politely kept my face buried in my iPhone so I wouldn’t have to join the conversation. We were, after all, 3 Pilates colleagues, all 30 years my senior, 10 minutes too early and waiting for the arrival of the other ten to twelve participants. If I made eye contact, I would be forced to speak. So I kept my head low. The colleague probably thought I was agreeing with him. But I wasn’t at all. In fact I found that to be a relief.

By the time Easter rolls in, we’ll have had enough time to finish writing our series and be in our financing stage. I’ll be more than half way done with my semester in Cologne. I will have finished and handed in a spec script and hopefully be working on the next one and even have possibly recorded my first album (what?! It’s in the works and it’s for kids). I found it actually quite liberating to know Easter is rather late this year since I perceive the year in terms of holidays and not actual dates. I mean who says “Merry 25th of December!”  “I want to be at the beach for the 31st!” “What’s your 5th of March costume gonna be?” or   “We’d like to invite you to 20th of April Sunday lunch”,  “Shall we visit your family or mine on November 24th?”, “Already looking forward to September 1st weekend” or even “Will you be my February 14th?”…

People started strolling in, the room became too small for all those, mostly, wrinkly bodies so, inevitably, we started touching shoulders. I look up and to my non-surprise, the same Pilates colleague, from ten minutes ago, is staring right at me trying not to bump into me. “It’s a shame isn’t it?”. “Excuse me?” I blurt out. “A shame that everything is so late this year,”. I quickly debate engrossing or just nodding and smiling. The studio door opens. “Well, you’re still looking at 365 days. No matter what falls when, you still get 365 days this year, like last year, to make things happen.” is what I wanted to say but instead, not knowing if I would’ve chosen the right German verb for that phrase nor if that was at all pertinent to his life, what I actually did say was a pathetic ” vielleicht…” and walked into the studio.



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