#106 Handy woman… sketches from the boring life of a writer

Remember when I wrote that post about trying to do something you never did before and how downright motivational it was? Trying to do something you think you’re incapable of? Ok, well, I can see your mind going blank and your head sort of nodding “no” to nobody in particular… Don’t worry, I forgive you if you have no clue what I’m talking about, as long as you keep reading. 🙂

Last week I took that prescription again and decided to go crazy and exchange sink cabinets for the first time in my life. Mainly because the new cabinet had been sitting in our kitchen for a year. Packed, in a box, in the corner. I know, it happens to creative people all the time, it’s insane.

I felt adventurous and seriously how hard could it be? It’s an IKEA sink cabinet, made for dummies. Just follow the instructions and build it. Check. Take the old IKEA sink cabinet apart and throw it in the recycling bin. Check. Then put the new cabinet where the old one was. Check. And… realize that it is an inch higher. Noooooooooooooooooo (in my head this lasted for a good hour) ooooo!!!

An inch in construction world is like the gap between Europe and North America, aka the Atlantic Ocean. Needless to say, I would have to change the plumbing. What?! I didn’t sign up for plumbing. By the time I realized this, it was too late. I couldn’t wait for a man to do the work (yes, I admit it, as much of an independent career driven woman I claim to be, certain duties around the house are socially recognizable and accepted as being rather male oriented chores. Put my foot in my mouth, way down my throat, since I’m that girl who never learned how to cook, nor properly make chore charts because she refused the idea that there should be gender based household tasks), nor could I hire one to do what seemed so simple, therefore  not justifying the $$$ spent, so I would just venture into the unknown world of assembling drain pipes… by myself. Alone. Not to mention: just me.

I did think ahead and took the two parts that were too short with me so nobody could sell me what I didn’t need. A dear friend came along for moral support. She drops me off. We’re both confident that I have what I need to get the sink running again. But, after taking everything apart what do I realize? I was sold something I didn’t need. Oh, the irony. I go back the next day, semi-furious, since I wouldn’t even begin to know how to complaint in German about drain pipes and plastic tubes and double sinks not singles, so I knew better than to be completely furious. At least I knew which aisle I was headed to. This time I took the entire drain pipe ensemble, and decided to look for what I needed on my own. That determination lasted about half an hour and then I just gave up and asked another employee for help.

Back home, wrench and screwdriver in place, I take a deep breath and start my second attempt at assembling. An hour later I sent my husband a text with the following picture:


He was proud. I was proud. Our dog was proud.

I must have exercised a dormant part of my brain, because inexplicably, the rest of my writing week was quite productive. Even if it had nothing to do with exchanging sink cabinets, maybe it had something to do with the sense of accomplishment. Now that’s good medicine when in need of motivation. 🙂 … and I will start learning how to cook.


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