#108 Berlinale impressions…

The one film I wanted to see but didn’t:


Most heard comment at networking events that would’ve never been uttered 5 years ago:

Hi we’re friends on Facebook, I’d like to introduce myself. 

…followed by a pitch of some kind:

I have this great idea/script/project.

Met the director I thought I’d never meet:

Lars von Trier

Came prepared for -15 degree weather: 

It’s been around 8-10 everyday. Spring, I would say… everything I packed is too warm. 

My favorite spot between 5pm-7pm: 

ARRI Filmlounge 2014

ARRI Filmlounge 2014

Can’t believe:

I didn’t see Bill Murray. 

Can believe:

I didn’t see Bill Murray.

My favorite Networking event:

Still got 4 events to go tomorrow. Will get back to you on that one…

How many couches have I surfed:


How many days do I have left:


Tomorrow will be a full one.

Happy Monday from the Berlinale. 🙂


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