#110 Singing does a soul good…

Studio days withering away.  What a joy it has been, what a joy.

Thank you Fabio, Daniel, Elvira and Livio for the amazing work each day.

How sad I am to leave what never really was mine to begin with, but may become someday.

The world of music, studio and recording. Singing. Only singing, if I may.

Revisiting the childhood I had many summers, when we’d pack and fly to Brazil from the US for a visit.

Singing songs every Brazilian sung when they were 3 and 4 or even 8.  Songs I learned rather late.

To record an album for children is to have the privileged of being part of their formative years.

Hoping to contribute with some love, a bit of laughter and tons of notes.

What a joy it has been, what a joy.

Now I pack to fly back across the pond, eager to share the work with you.

But I must wait, they say, I must wait, like a child awaits sweets after a plate of healthy food.

juliana lima dehne singing Eu Canto eu me encanto 2014

O album “Eu Canto, Eu me Encanto” tem previsão de lançamento para Abril, 2014.




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