#111 my human is a “starer”…

I wonder what she does all day staring at the screen. Sometimes she gets up and grabs something to eat. She never shares. Sometimes she gets up and tidies the room. That’s when I know whatever it is that she’s staring at isn’t going well. Sometimes she gets up and wraps her arm around me and squeezes me so tight I can’t breathe, I hate it when she does it. I don’t understand why she does it. The worse is when she pierces her lips together and releases it on my head. It makes this weird smack sound and then she giggles and talks to me like I’m from another planet. I like the attention though, I must admit.

I like the times we go outside. That’s usually three times a day. Well five total. The man takes me twice and she takes me two or three times. When she’s in a good mood it’s fun. We go to the park, we play catch, she lets me run to other dogs, sniff around. When she’s in a working mood then it sucks. She barely talks to me, we go around the block a few times and back home. When she’s in a bad mood I’m on the leash all the time. She knows I know she doesn’t pay attention when she’s in a bad mood and that’s when I can get away with a lot. I’ll even eat something off the street if it smells appetizing. Oh she gets real mad when I do that.

It’s the same day in and day out. She has breakfast with the man of the house (we’ve settled that when I was 1, he won) and then she sits on a ball and stares at the screen. A ball three times my size. I’ve tried playing with it but it just doesn’t roll the right way. I don’t know what she does there but recently she got this present that makes really loud noise every time she hits it. She hits it a lot, with all her fingers. Sometimes it makes a whistling sound and she rips a piece of paper from it and stares at it.

I guess if anyone asked me I’d say she’s a “starer”. That’s what she does for work. She stares at screens and papers. I know work. It’s what humans do most of the time.

I run, play, sleep and eat and she sleeps, eats and stares.

Humans are weird. Don’t know why I love them so much, but I do.

Oski 19_01_2013


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