#114 Temporarily closed for renovation…

I haven’t been blogging, as you may or may not have noticed, because someone shrunk time, not the kids.

Last week I blamed it on MIPTV. The week before, pitching  specs to Frank Spotnitz, the week before researching transgressive bodies representations in film and popular culture but more specifically television. I focused my efforts on the child body. Starting with Shirley Temple and ending on Once Upon a Time. A full circle. Back then children imitated adults and had no place in society. Today they have replaced adults and carry the secrets or hopes of a better tomorrow, a very important role in our society.  Those were my findings in a nutshell.

Then I should’ve written the MondayBlogSeries yesterday you say. Yes, BUT we just started a writer’s room with Morgan Gendel and it’s looking to be pretty intensive all the way through the next six weeks so we’re temporarily closed for renovation of my thoughts, discourse, utterances and content.

miptv2014_JLD3 See you back in June! Until then enjoy the Spring, if you reside in the northern hemisphere, or the Fall, for those of you below the equator.     photo © julianalimadehne at #miptv2014


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