Be back soon…

Well the idea of posting more regularly was clearly defeated by work. I’m happily developing great shows with great people and it leaves me little brain power to write something that doesn’t involve the stuff I’m working on, which I can’t even blog about because it’s all very hush-hush. So I’ll spare you the process and frustrations and joys of the development period and just say: I’ll be back soon and possibly start blogging about my half-marathon training or how I made my peace with living in Munich or even how to declutter and throw s*&# out (we did that this month and it felt really good). In the meantime I’ll keep tweeting about the events I attend or about the lagging behind but trying to catch up German market. Thanks for stopping by and I’m sorry to disappoint with a be back soon message. If you have a minute to browse through previous posts, I’m sure you’ll find an entry or two from the past two years that might be of interest. Otherwise, see you soon!

Squeezes and smiles,